HOW GREEN IS WIND ENERGY? It may be renewable, but it is anything but green, and the citizens of rural Ontario are sounding the alarm bells. In spite of this, the Ontario Government is NOT LISTENING.

As a result, citizens are being forced to take their government to court to keep them from harming people, animals and the environment. This has been and continues to be very costly for the citizens of rural Ontario.

HOW GREEN IS THIS (HGIT) consists of volunteers who help educate the public concerning the question: “What’s Wrong with Industrial Wind Turbines?”

We invite you to read through our website to learn why IWTs do not belong in Ontario.


In 2009, the Ontario Liberal Government repealed the Energy Conservation Leadership Act & the Energy Efficiency Act. They replaced it with the Green Energy Act (GEA).
• The GEA’s mandate to expand renewable energy has been called a “sham”, an “economic debacle” and a “staggering explosion of misguided investment”.

• The GEA stripped all decision-making powers from municipal governments with respect to wind energy.

• The GEA forced rural municipalities to install IWTs despite the government’s promise that “non-willing host” communities would be exempt.

• Other countries around the world are scaling back their wind programs. However, in Ontario, IWTs are being erected at a record pace without health studies or regard for their negative effects on human and animal health, the environment, and hydro rates.