Health Canada, in collaboration with Statistics Canada and other external experts, launched a multi-year research study in July 2012 to explore the relationship between exposure to sound levels produced from wind turbines and the extent of health effects reported by, and objectively measured in, those living near wind turbines.” Here is the link to Health Canada Study: Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study.


Concerns On The Health Canada Study

A note sent to Health Canada before the ‘study’ on turbine noise even began. It’s important to refresh memories and inform people who are new to this issue on the background.

I repeat, without any doubt or hesitation, that people are getting very sick from turbine emissions. The Federal and Provincial government should be apologizing to these people and helping them out of a mess they helped to create. (Source: Read more)

Dr. Robert McMurtry Comments on Health Canada Study and Denise Wolfe Synopsis

Breaking News from the North American Platform Against Wind Power:

Statement related to Health Canada’s flawed wind turbine and health study summary, Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry

November 9, 2014

On the heels of a media release by the North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) and on receipt of a sound exploratory synopsis (Denise Wolfe) of gaps and errors in methodology and design in the study/summary of Wind Turbine Noise and Health provided by Health Canada, Dr. Robert McMurtry offers the following statement:

“I have just had the opportunity to review the Denise Wolfe DOCUMENT, and appreciate its obvious quality, reinforced by knowing something of her background. The paper is a powerful statement that casts serious doubt on the recent Health Canada and CanWEA preliminary announcement, the background paper and related media statements. I am deeply saddened that the Ministry whom I was so proud to work for, appears to have fallen.” (Source: Read more)


Dr. Hazel Lynn Comments on Health Canada Study

The Chief Medical Officer of Health for Grey-Bruce has concerns about the Health Canada wind turbine study.

Dr. Hazel Lynn says, for one thing, the study did not include people who moved away from wind turbines.

She says, “when you look at some of the surveys that have the most specific information it’s the people who are so distressed they have to move away that actually are the most sensitive to these things. So to exclude them from a study doesn’t really make sense to me. (Source: Read more)

NA-PAW News Release on Results of Health Canada Study

A case of widespread consumer fraud and systemic government abetted torture: Health Canada’s study further victimizes wind turbine refugees and cohabitants.

Ontario Anti Wind Groups along with International groups, react strongly with anger to the Health Canada wind turbine noise study, knowing that projects will be exponentially promoted and sanctified worldwide, via this 2 million dollar, taxpayer funded, fraudulent study.

Indeed, hours later, at most a day, thumbing its nose at victims of wind, numbering hundreds with thousands of serious complaints of widespread chronic sleep deprivation and other adverse health effects, and communities with lost or greatly depreciated homes and dead or reduced livestock, Ontario’s Liberals announced approval of a massive turbine array in Niagara, to install the largest turbines ever in Canadian history. (Source: Read more)
Jane Wilson Comments on Health Canada Study

Jane Wilson, President of Wind Concerns Ontario, describes her disappointment with the Health Canada report on the health effects of wind turbines in an interview with Dale Goldhawk on Radio Goldhawk Fights Back. Listen to the interview

Carmen Krogh Comments on Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise Study
November 10, 2014

Dear Prime Minister Harper, Hon. Minister of Health, Hon. Minister of Justice and Attorney General and members of the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study,

On November 6, 2014 Health Canada posted on their website “Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study: Summary of Results”.

We have been contacted by individuals from around the world who have expressed concern over content and the quality of this Health Canada web posting.

Please find attached our comments for your consideration.

“Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study: Summary of Results” states:

“WTN annoyance was found to be statistically related to several self-reporting health effects including, but not limited to, blood pressure, migraines, tinnitus, dizziness, scores on the PSQI, and perceived stress” as well as related to “measured hair cortisol, systolic and diastolic blood pressure.”

These findings are additional evidence which support the health effects “conclusively demonstrated from exposure to wind turbine noise” identified by Health Canada and disclosed by the Honourable Rona Ambrose in a June 30, 2009 letter. (Source: Read more)

Professor John Harrison Responds To The Health Canada Study

Professor John Harrison from Queen’s University, Harrison pointed out that the report later states that annoyance caused by the noise from wind turbines is linked to sleep problems, illness, stress and quality of life.

“I can’t help, as a scientist, to link those together and say annoyance increases with the noise, health effects increase with the annoyance, so health effects must increase with the noise.” (Source: Read more)


Denise Wolfe Reviews Health Canada Study

Denise Wolfe lives close-by industrial wind turbines on Amherst Island, Ontario.

Denise Wolfe Data Review of the Health Canada Study on Wind Turbines

This is a DRAFT (and far from exhaustive) review of the information provided by Health Canada (HC) pertaining to the HC Wind Turbine Noise Study and is designed to serve as a starting point for further discussion.

A review of the information provided by Health Canada with regards to the preliminary results published on the HC Wind Turbine Noise Study requires the consideration of a number of reports / articles / pamphlets. (Source: Read more)

Eric Gillespie

Eric Gillespie Comments on Health Canada Study

Eric Gillespie, a Toronto lawyer who has represented numerous clients opposing wind farms, called the study a “real breakthrough. It confirms what appears to be serious adverse health effects. It’s coming from the national health regulator.”

Gillespie is representing the Municipality of Bluewater, on the Lake Huron shoreline south of Goderich. It is opposing two wind farms within its boundaries before an environmental review tribunal.

“It appears very clear our clients should be successful at the current hearings,” he said. “This appears to establish serious harm to human health.” (Source: Read more)


Health Canada Study on Wind Turbine Noise and LFN

Health Canada spent $2.1 million of our tax dollars to find no link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects. They first say there are no health effects and then they admit that they found a high correlation between turbine noise and annoyance… annoyance being something that they have already said is a health effect. (Source: Read more)