We are for Green Energy that benefits a society, but does not hurt a person’s health or compromise their sense of well-being.


Dr Robert McMurty tells Senate: ‘Annoyance’ caused by Wind Turbine Noise includes ‘Sleep disturbance’ & is Adverse to Health


The Senate Inquiry has had to wade through a fairly pungent cesspit of ‘material’ dropped on it by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers. No doubt to their great relief (or, in the case of wind industry stooge, Anne Urquhart, infuriation) the Senators have heard from a raft of genuine and highly qualified people, who are clearly dedicated to protecting their fellow human beings – rather than ridiculing, denigrating or deriding them as “anti-wind farm wing-nuts” or “Dick Brains”.

One voice of common sense and compassion – to the contrary of the nasty nonsense pitched up by the shills that run interference for their wind industry clients – came from Dr Bob McMurty – a highly (and relevantly) qualified Professor from Ontario. Here’s what Bob told the Australian Senate. (source: Read More )

An ill-wind in Ontario. Despite rising public complaints about adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines, thousands continue to be erected across the province


Environmentalists often talk about people whose lives are ruined by man-made global warming.

But they never mention the lives that are devastated by misguided climate change policy.

There is no better example than the debilitating human health impacts of the hundreds of thousands of industrial wind turbines (IWTs) that are being erected around the world to supposedly mitigate climate change.

In “Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines,” a 2013 paper in the magazine of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Dr. Roy D. Jeffery, Carmen Krogh, and Brett Horner explained, “People who live or work in close proximity to IWTs have experienced symptoms that include decreased quality of life, annoyance, stress, sleep disturbance, headache, anxiety, depression, and cognitive dysfunction.”

“The problem is not just cyclical audible noise keeping people awake but also low frequency infrasound which can travel many kilometres,” notes Dufferin County-based Barb Ashbee, who says she was forced out of her Amaranth, Ontario home by the siting of IWTs too close to it.

“Infrasound goes right through walls,” said Ashbee, operator of the Wind Victims Ontario website. “It pummels your body.”

Tens of thousands of complaints have been received by governments around the world.

Sherri Lange, CEO of North American Platform Against Wind, said, “I have personally received hundreds of phone calls from distressed people who need to vacate their homes [because of IWTs].” (source: Read More )

Do industrial wind turbines situated in close proximity to residential areas create a public health hazard? The studies say, YES.

Potential health effects include:

• Sleep disruption and the ensuing stress
• Decrease of cognitive functioning such as thinking and remembering
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Vertigo or Dizziness
• Tinnitus – ringing in the ears and pressure inside the ears or head
• Mental health concerns including psychological distress
• Chronic noise-induced annoyance

Ministry of Environment Confirm Adverse Health Effects Years Ago


A new Freedom of Information report reveals provincial field officers were working on an abatement plan to help families who were being impacted by both wind turbine noise and by the transformer station. But where did the report go?

-The report was completed in August 2009 prior to the implementation of the Green Energy Act regulations.

-As you read through the documents it is clear the officers were trying very hard to get some relief for the impacted homeowners. (See the Abatement Plan dated August 2009.)

We must DEMAND a public inquiry into the wind energy policy! Why is this still being ignored and why are there families still suffering? (source: Read More )

Wind Turbine Syndrome


Lobbying from the wind industry could be likened to lobbying from the tobacco industry in the 1950s. We are now fully aware of the hazards of smoking tobacco but how long before our government stop accepting lobbying from the industry and wake up to the hazards of living near wind turbines?

“When a mistake is repeated, it is not a mistake anymore…it is a decision”- Paolo Coelho.

In the 1950’s, the tobacco lobby used medical professionals to insist that there was no medical evidence of harm from tobacco products. Indeed one advertisement, supported by research conducted by physicians, declared that “Phillip Morris” brand tobacco eased irritated throats and “every case of irritation cleared completely or definitely improved.” Phillip Morris soon became a major brand. (source: Read More )

Wind Turbines Linked To “Sick Building Syndrome”

“Picton, Ontario, November 16, 2010 – High levels of low frequency noise (LFN) are produced and can be measured at wind turbine developments according to Richard James INCE, acoustics specialist from Michigan. Yet, The Canadian Wind Energy Association request Ontario’s Minister of Environment to exclude the measurement of Low Frequency Noise at wind development sites.” (source: Wind Turbines Linked To “Sick Building Syndrome” )


“Carmen Krogh, a retired pharmacist from Ontario, Canada, spoke in Boulevard, California recently on the impacts wind turbines could have on people, particularly children. Research has found that intrusive noises adversely affect children’s cardiovascular systems, memory, language development and ability to learn, though studies specifically on impacts of wind turbine noise on youngsters has not been done. She titled her presentation “Children: The Canaries in the Coal Mine.” At the same meeting, appraisal consultant Mike McCann of Chicago said the impact zone of a wind farm is two to five miles, with dramatic negative impacts on property values as well.” (source: WIND SPIN: BLOWING HOLES IN WIND INDUSTRY’S DENIAL OF HEALTH IMPACTS )

Wind turbines can harm humans: a case study

In Canada the Ontario Government has adopted wind energy as a renewable energy source. Our research in Ontario documents some individuals living in the environs of wind turbines report experiencing physiological and psychological symptoms, reduced quality of life, degraded living conditions, and adverse social economic impacts. Some families have abandoned their homes or negotiated financial agreements with wind energy developers. Wind turbine noise is a reported cause of these effects; however, some commentators suggest sound from wind turbines does not pose a risk of any adverse health effect in humans. These competing claims can confuse authorities responsible for establishing noise guidelines. An Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal considered a wide body of evidence including expert testimony and found wind turbines can harm humans if placed too close to residents. Risks must be understood to ensure guidelines protect human health. Evidence including peer reviewed literature, case reports, freedom of information (source: Wind turbines can harm humans: a case study )

Barb Ashbee: wind company “agreed that we couldn’t live there any more”
I’m sure everyone reading this has had the experience of phoning some corporate entity (Hydro, Bell, Visa, etc.) and heard the pre-recorded message, “This call is being recorded for quality assurances purposes…”. Yeah right. Well, a similar act is played out in the ERT hearings. Often the wind company will engage a court reporter to provide a transcript of the testimony. Other parties will be offered copies IF they pony up a portion of the costs. Often the MOE will do so. They will use this record further down the line when final submissions are made. What they likely will not do is get the transcript certified. Why, you ask? Because certified transcripts must be submitted to the ERT and then it becomes a public document that anyone can a have access to. (source: Barb Ashbee: wind company “agreed that we couldn’t live there any more” )

Come to my house

“Consider Barbara Ashbee in rural Ontario.”

Amaranth Wind Turbines, Noise and Health

Lorrie Gillis Interviews Barbara Ashbee, Living Close To Wind Turbines in Melancthon, Shelburne, Ontario

Health impacts when living next to Industrial Wind Turbines. Here is an interview with Helen Fraser who lives in Melancthon, Shelburne, Ontario.

Wind Turbine Syndrome victim appeals to the federal government (Canada)

“The numbers became shocking and the harm irrefutable”

—Barbara Ashbee (8/30/12)

In 2009, my husband and I had our lives turned upside down due to a wind project that started up around our home. We begged for help from every level of government and public agency, and not one would assist us.

We suffered severe sleep deprivation (from audible and inaudible turbine noise), among other things, and eventually had to hire legal help to get out to save our health.

During and since this time, I attended ministry-sponsored workshops, presented before and submitted comments to the standing committee and the EBR registry on the Green Energy Act, attended meetings at government level, submitted information to provincial and federal health officials, to the senate, to the Premier to the Prime Minister, and so on. We followed every formal complaint protocol and sent numerous messages, personally and via email, through our Member of Parliament and Member of Provincial Parliament. (source: “The numbers became shocking and the harm irrefutable” )

Kincardine acknowledges health problems reported by residents in wind developments

“Kincardine acknowledges health problems reported by residents in wind developments. The Kincardine Independant Kincardine council has passed a motion to officially acknowledge the health problems reported by residents who live with in wind energy developments in the municipality. The motion, introduced by councillor Ron Coristine, also confirms that the municipality” (Source: Kincardine acknowledges health problems reported by residents in wind developments


“For years, the tobacco industry claimed that cigarettes don’t cause cancer—long after compelling medical evidence proved otherwise. A similar scenario is now happening with the wind industry, which has put forth various “experts” funded by the wind industry to claim that no evidence exists of negative health impacts caused by wind turbines.” (Source: How long will the wind industry deny the problem )

Brown County Board of Health Resolution Requesting Emergency State Aid or Families Suffering Around Industrial Wind Turbines

“On January 10, 2012, the Brown County Board of Health in Wisconsin adopted a resolution calling for emergency state funds to aid “families suffering around industrial wind turbines” including relocation of entire families.” (sources: BC Resolutions )

What is Wind Turbine Syndrome?

“Wind Turbine Syndrome has been documented by Dr. Nina Pierpont of the esteemed Johns Hopkin Medical School in a peer-reviewed report. (Source: What is Wind Turbine Syndrome? These include headache, dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in ears), ear pressure, ear pain, memory and concentration problems, fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbance and Visceral Vibratory Vestibular Distrubance (VWD). The latter includes rapid heartbeat, nausea, internal quivering or pulsation, and more.”