Ministry of Environment Confirm Adverse Health Effects Years Ago

A new Freedom of Information report reveals provincial field officers were working on an abatement plan to help families who were being impacted by both wind turbine noise and by the transformer station. But where did the report go?

-The report was completed in August 2009 prior to the implementation of the Green Energy Act regulations.

-As you read through the documents it is clear the officers were trying very hard to get some relief for the impacted homeowners. (See the Abatement Plan dated August 2009.)

We must DEMAND a public inquiry into the wind energy policy! Why is this still being ignored and why are there families still suffering?

Contact your MPP’s, MP’s and authorities and demand an investigation! (Source: Read more)

NextEra and MOE sitting in a tree….K…I…SS..I..N..G

wind energy is not free or cost effective
[excerpt] Earlier on the hearing was delayed while West Grey’s representative, Bev Cutting, left the meeting to get a couple of voice recorders after some witnesses for the appellant complained they didn’t have access to a recording of the proceedings

West Grey resident Maria De Melo said since NextEra and the Ministry of the Environment were sharing the cost of a qualified reporter who was recording the proceedings using sophisticated equipment, Van Den Bosch and other opponents deserved the same opportunity. Wright agreed to allow Van Den Bosch to record the proceedings, but only for personal record keeping. He forbade the use of the information for broadcast purposes to or appear on social media.

De Melo and Orah Randall complained lawyers for the Ministry of the Environment and the NextEra were sitting together and could be seen consulting one another. De Melo said it gave the appearance the ministry and the proponent were on the same side whereas she expected the MOE to represent the interests of the people of Ontario. She wanted Wright to order them to sit apart.

He denied the request. (Source: Read more)

Ministry of the Environment approves third phase of Grand Valley Wind Farm plan

More wind turbines are going to be built in Grand Valley and Amaranth.

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has approved the third phase of the Grand Valley Wind Farms project, which will see a 40 MW wind farm operating in the area when construction is complete.

According to the Renewable Energy Approval (REA), Grand Valley Wind Farms Inc. has been gained permission to construct and operate up to 16 wind turbines and a 45 MVA (million volt-ampere) transformer in Grand Valley and Amaranth. (Source: Read more)

Lambton County council backs request to participate in second environmental review tribunal hearing

Lambton county council backs ert
Lambton County may join a second legal battle brewing over the development of another industrial wind farm in its boundaries.

County council voted Wednesday in favour of joining a potential environmental review tribunal hearing in the event the Ministry of the Environment approves Suncor’s 46-turbine Cedar Point Wind project set for Plympton-Wyoming, Lambton Shores and Warwick Township.

This move would mark the county’s second time participating as a party before the environmental review tribunal.

The county is currently participating in a tribunal hearing over NextEra Energy’s 92-turbine Jericho Wind Energy project. The tribunal must find serious harm could be caused to human or environmental health before it can overturn the project’s MOE approval. (Source: Read more)

40 turbines to be built north of Grand Bend

Dozens of wind turbines are coming to a stretch of Lake Huron shoreline boasting some of the most beautiful sunsets in the province.

The Ontario Environment Ministry is giving the green light to a $380-million wind farm that will add 40 turbines in a 16-kilometre corridor along Lake Huron starting near Grand Bend and running north. Most of the turbines will be about a kilometre inland from the beaches.

The wind farm is opposed by some local residents who say turbines will be built too close to homes and cottages.

“We hate it. We don’t want it,” said Ray Vlemmix, who owns a home near Grand Bend.

The Grand Bend wind farm will place its turbines much closer to residences than Next Era Energy, another wind energy company that has several wind farm projects operating or planned for the area.

Vlemmix said he expects the turbines will make the area less attractive for tourism. (Source: Read more)