Kathleen Wynne Pinocchio
The picture on the left is our Premier, Kathleen Wynne.

Her government, the Liberal Party, in 2009 repealed our Energy Conservation Leadership Act and our Energy Efficiency Act. They replaced it with The Green Energy Act.

They did this because the old Acts granted Municipalities and People the ability to have a say in what happened in their communities.

This new Green Energy Act removes all barriers, over-rides all local laws and grants Corporations the un-restricted power to do whatever they want, wherever they want.

We have lost our democracy and our voice.


Repeal The Ontario Green Energy Act

Dear Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne


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Citizens Fight the Unjust Green Energy Act, and the Lib. Gov’t


Government cannot just let Goliath win.

Grimsby Lincoln News.

By Amanda Moore

I really didn’t think David had a chance.

No offence to David — in this case, an ordinary group of citizens who have spent an extraordinary amount of time becoming pseudo-experts on all things industrial wind turbines — but at first there didn’t appear even the slightest chance of stopping the threat of wind power. It certainly seemed that way when the turbines began to rise from the rural landscape last fall. Though I understood your efforts, it seemed as though they were futile.

Yet you pushed on, and because of you operation of the project was stalled, and the project’s status went from approved to awaiting approval.

Four out of the five were built closer to neighbouring property lines than the stipulated distance — the height of the turbine from base to hub. That’s an 80 per cent error rate. If that was a math test, they’d have failed miserably. (Source: Read more)

“Planning and decision-making for the location of wind turbines has been legally centralized in Toronto since 2009, and so local municipalities and their locally-elected councilors have had little to no influence in deciding whether a wind turbine or solar farm ought to be located within their political jurisdiction.

It is rare in Ontario, and in other democratic jurisdictions, when the wishes of the electorate, through their public representatives, are ignored so profoundly. Indeed, approximately 80 municipalities in this province have declared themselves to be “unwilling hosts” for wind turbine developments – a collective protest against legislation that smacks more of the Soviet than the Canadian style in getting things done.” (source: 79th Unwilling Host: response to loss of democracy in Ontario )

“Ontario Liberals’ Green Energy Act is a misguided policy. The government is heavily subsidizing the energy costs of large businesses, and asking residents to pay sharply rising prices” (source: Scott Stinson: Ontario Liberals continue to prove that the Green Energy Act is a misguided policy )

“Kathleen Wynne must end Dalton McGuinty’s unaffordable wind and solar subsidies, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak said today. “

“These unaffordable subsidies have caused incredible damage to the energy sector, to our economy, and to hope in the province of Ontario. And that’s why I’m calling on Premier Wynne today, to end this madness, and bring an end to the unaffordable wind and solar subsidies, so we can focus on job creation again.”
(source: Hudak To Wynne: End Unaffordable Wind And Solar Subsidies)

“Bill 150, the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 (the Act) gives investors, project developers and other industry players” the green light and “race to identify the most lucrative investment opportunities“

“Full speed ahead: Administrative complexity is not the only barrier the Act will remove. New Planning Act exemptions also help investors build renewable energy generation facilities and engage in other renewable energy projects despite municipal zoning by-laws that may otherwise prohibit development” (source: Get on the fast-track to power. New Green Energy Act removes barriers to investing )