Save the Redside Dace Fish

Why is the Ministry of Natural Resources using our tax dollars to save Redside Dace then using our tax dollars to have Industrial Wind Corporations kill off the Redside Dace?
If the Ministry of Environment (MOE) has a moratorium on Great Lakes wind projects “because the science surrounding the impacts of wind turbines to freshwater lakes is uncertain”, how can they approve Industrial Wind Turbines smack in the middle of the aquatic habitat of an endangered fish species?
General Description: The Redside Dace (Clinostomus elongatus) is a very colourful minnow that reaches a maximum length of 12 cm. In the spring it develops a bright red stripe along the front half of the body and a brilliant yellow stripe above. It is distinguished from other Canadian cyprinids by its very large mouth, protruding lower jaw, and large pectoral fins on the male. It is one of two species in the genus Clinostomus which is currently believed to be most closely related to Richardsonius, a genus of western dace. (Source: Read More)
Here is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry description of the Redside dace
A map where Redside Dace minnow can be found in Ontario, Canada.

Source: Species Especes/Redsidedace Menelong

redside dace fish
More info on the Redside Dace Fish
The Saugeen River Redside Dace Monitoring Project Read more

Photo by K.Schmidt