Ontario Endangered Species

Redside Dace Fish


Why is the Ministry of Natural Resources using our tax dollars to save Redside Dace Fish then using our tax dollars to have Industrial Wind Corporations kill off the Redside Dace Fish?
If the Ministry of Environment (MOE) has a moratorium on Great Lakes wind projects “because the science surrounding the impacts of wind turbines to freshwater lakes is uncertain”, how can they approve Industrial Wind Turbines smack in the middle of the aquatic habitat of an endangered fish species? (Source: Read more)
Ontario Government Accused of Violating Endangered Species Act.
Loopholes in rewritten ESA are jeopardizing species’ survival and recovery.


Lawyers acting on behalf of the Ontario government told the courts last month that Ontario’s endangered species legislation is now only concerned with the most dire of species listed under the law.

The Woodland Caribou; the American Eel; the Blanding’s Turtle — these and more than 150 other species currently listed as endangered in Ontario will only receive the full weight of government support when they teeter on the brink of local extinction.

So much for our “gold standard” Endangered Species Act.

In September 2013, lawyers from Ecojustice announced Ontario Nature and CPAWS Wildlands League were suing Kathleen Wynne’s government over allegedly violating the Endangered Species Act. They claimed the Liberals had gutted the legislation’s environmental protections in favour of industry. Moreover, they allege the government failed to properly consider on a species-by-species basis how changes brought into effect in July 2013 would affect the province’s 155 endangered plants and animals. (Source: Read more)

Ontario Government “Failed Miserably” to Protect Endangered Species.
New report from environmental commissioner calls for public participation in permitting


The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has shown a “shocking disregard” for its legal obligation to consult with the public on numerous changes to how species at risk and their habitat are managed in the province, Ontario’s environmental commissioner Gord Miller warned recently. (Source: Read more)

Read the document by Gord Miller, Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, issued in November 2013 claiming the Liberals “failed miserably” in their effort to protect endangered species. “[The ministry’s] regulatory amendments fail on all accounts,” Miller said in the report, “and undermine what the Ontario legislature set out in law.” Laying Siege to the Last Line of Defence: A Review of Ontario’s Weakened Protections for Species at Risk Report.

Ontario OK with killing endangered species: Big Wind gets a pass

Blandings Turtle

Two recent news items have pointed out the Ontario government’s stance toward endangered and at-risk species. If they’re in the way of “progress,” it’s OK to kill them. Ontario Ministry of the Environment lawyer Sylvia Davis told a court last year during an appeal related to Ostrander Point, habitat to endangered Blandings turtles (but also a site for migratory birds, and a rare, fragile alvar environment) : “So what if a few turtles die?” she said. “Wind power is important public infrastructure…”

A recent court decision has upheld the government’s ability to grant industry a pass when it comes to protecting endangered and at-risk species. Ontario Nature put out a news release last week to express its disappointment: “This is a disappointing decision for Ontario’s endangered and threatened wildlife,” said Ecojustice lawyer Lara Tessaro. “The Endangered Species Act is intended to put species first — not to let their survival be balanced against competing industrial interests. That would tip the scale towards extinction.” (Source: Read more)

Who gives a hoot about turbines? A barn owl, that’s who

PORT RYERSE – The barn owl has done what no anti-wind turbine protester in Port Ryerse has been able to do to date: halt construction of a green energy project in their village.

A woman walking her dog this summer spotted one of the birds — they are on the endangered species list in Ontario — flying into a barn.

An investigation ensued, photographs of the owl perched on a woodpile were taken, and the sighting was confirmed. The evidence was then presented to an environmental review tribunal hearing, which last week slapped a five-month moratorium on the project. (Source: Read more)

Ostrander Point Preserving critical natural habitats

endangered-turtles-save ostrander point
Ostrander Point Appeal Fund is active. The Court of Appeal for Ontario will hear Save Ostrander case December 8-9, 2014 – See more at: August 23 OPAF Update – Court of Appeal for Ontario date is set/ (Source: Read more)

Species at Risk

Check out the Exemptions to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act for industrial wind developments (Source: Read more)



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