This letter is for all who are affected by the Industrial Wind Turbines in your area

We now have the attention of the Ontario government due to a series of events.

On April 12th during Question Period at Queen’s Park, Lisa Thompson MPP Huron-Bruce brought to the attention of Minister G. Murray (MOECC) the fact that his staff proved there were audible sounds and possibly tonal noises coming from wind turbines in the K2 Wind Development that exceeded allowable sound level limits.

Global News has raised the issue with an investigative report on how the Ontario government handles reports of wind turbine noise. The investigation took four months, and was based on documents and analysis provided to Global by Wind Concerns Ontario. Watch Global News 2 part investigation

As a result of the Global investigation, several MPPs made statements on June 1st during Question Period at Queen’s Park. You can see the questions asked by six MPPs, and answers from the government.

The various FOI requests suggest that, unlike other projects, relatively few complaints are being filed about the impact of the turbines related to Huron County.

Numerous complaints have been filed by a few families but there are no complaints related to the other turbines. This allows the MOECC to conclude that there are only a couple of problems with the K2 project which we do not believe is an accurate assessment of the situation.

If you have any questions, please contact:

If You Want Action On Your Issues, You Have To File Complaints To The MOECC Spills Action Hotline 1.800.268.6060

Simple Wind Turbine Noise and Health Complaint Procedure

STEP 1: If you only have time to do one thing, call the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Spills Action Centre @ 1-800-268-6060.

The process is easy, but it is crucial to lodge your complaint by phone to the MOECC Spills Action Centre as the Ministry will only respond to your situation if you have made a formal complaint. More important, the MOECC assumes that there are no problems when there are no complaints and when complaints stop, they assume the problem has been solved.

Venting to your friends by email, on Facebook or on internet chat groups does not count. Use that time to call the Spills Action Centre.

If you are experiencing noise & health problems due to wind turbines, you can call the Spills Action Centre at any time day or night. The call will logged as an incident in the MOECC complaint reporting system so that there is a permanent record of your issue each time you call.

Ongoing complaints are necessary to confirm that the problem has not been resolved but is ongoing.

State you are calling to make a wind turbine complaint. You will be asked the name of the wind turbine project, your township and county.
Describe the offending noise (ie. whine, swooshing, tonal, etc.) and any adverse health effects (ie. unable to sleep, ear ache, head ache, nausea, etc.). Mentioning any health issues that you are experiencing in your report important as it provides information on the impact of the noise. If appropriate, information on any sleep disturbances or sleep deprivation that you are experiencing is also important to pass on.

STEP 2: Keep a Complaint Log – If you have time, it is good to keep your own informal record of the complaints you have made. Request a confirmation number # from the Spills Action Centre and keep it for your records with information on the date, time and conditions in your complaint. If possible, provide the weather conditions (temp, wind speed, direction, humidity, and conditions cloudy, clear, rain, snow, etc.)

If you should have any follow-up face to face meetings or phone calls with representatives of the MOECC or the wind company add the time and date of the response to your log and record any information that they tell particularly any information on the noise levels that they have observed. ** If possible make notes about the weather conditions at the time of the visit as they can be very different from the conditions experienced when you made the complaint.

Again if you have time, you strengthen your case by making daily journal entries recording any changes in patterns that you notice – physical responses, noise, vibration etc.

STEP 3: Follow up with an email complaint: – Simply state your experience as it is. You can copy the simple complaint in the attached instructions and customize it to your situation.

Do not use anyone else’s observations to support yours, besides those who reside in your home. It must be your own personal experience.

If you have multiple people in your household with complaints, detail them for each person. Include the same information as you would for a complaint to the Spill hotline 1-800-268-6060.

Email complaints to:
– Glen Murray Minister of Environment and Climate Change:
– MOECC (your local MOECC District Manager) i.e. Owen Sound District Manager: (:: find your local MOECC District Manager)
– Plus the contact point for your wind project: i.e.

Huron-Bruce MPP: (or your MPP)
Ruth Gebremedhin in G. Murray’s office:
Huron County Public Health: (or your local public health office)
Huron Wind Action:

Sample email by an impacted resident:
Complaints do not need to be literary masterpieces as simple is better than lengthy. Describe the situation you are experiencing in a calm, thoughtful manner.

Here is a sample.

Subject: Wind Turbine Noise Complaint –
Please add this note to your records of my complaints on wind turbine noise.
I am unable to sleep due to the turbine noise. My husband is experiencing a headache and ear pain. The whomping, whooshing, whoooooing tonal noise – like blowing through the top of a beer bottle, and swishing noises are polluting our environment AGAIN. At times it sounds like a HUGE load of sopping wet clothes flopping and whomping around in the dryer. It comes right through the walls of our home! Tonight we cannot open the windows, let alone sleep!
It is 15 degrees Celsius, wind SW 15 kph gusting to 30 kph, 82% humidity, raining. The Spills Action Line was contacted @ 2:42 AM – reference # _________ .
Name and address
Receptor number if you know it