MOECC (Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change) Need To Hear From People Living Close To Wind Energy Projects

Summer and winter can be different. Winds are coming from a different direction and the weather could have an impact too. If you live close by industrial wind turbines, are you hearing a whoosh or even a double whoosh==thud and also a high pitched whining or humming which sounds like an airplane taxiing? A strange buzzing, droning, and rattling inside your home? Or other noises?

Do you live as far as 2 km’s (26000 m) from the nearest wind turbine, do you hear ringing in your ears? Do you have any health impacts that may be correlated to the startup of the turbines? Are your animals exhibiting strange behavior?

Many community residences are affected by the turbines through various aspects such as the blinking lights, the audible and inaudible noise, the lack of accountability from the company when you complain, etc.

If anyone has a complaint about noise or vibration (sensation), contact the Ministry at the Spill Action Hotline 1.800.268.6060 said the MOECC (Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change) want to hear from people living close to wind energy projects.

How To Report A Wind Turbine Noise Complaint

  • A person calling about wind turbine noise or wind turbine vibration sensation should contact the wind power company ONLY.
    This is false.
Useful Information
      1.Call the MOECC Spill Action Hotline 1.800.268.6060
      2. Open a “wind turbine noise” complaint file.
      3. Ask for a reference number that will be linked to your file and name. Make a note of the number in the file or a book with your complaints.
      4. Lodge a wind noise complaint.

** Each time you call, make sure to get your # reference number to record as evidence.

* When you call, Wind Concerns Ontario advise that you keep a record of the call, and the specific nature of the event, as well as the weather conditions at the time, if possible (wind speed, temperature).

You are under no obligation to contact the wind power company; however, THEY are required to report any complaints they do receive about wind turbine noise or wind turbine vibration sensation to the MOECC, as a condition of their approval/contract.

The turbines seem to make several different kinds of noises that can vary from season to season and from day to day depending on wind velocity, wind direction and who knows what else?

If you are highly annoyed from any of these sounds, summer or winter, you should call the MOECC, more people are making note of the noise in their homes.

Ontario Wind Turbine Complaints Fall On Deaf Ears

Minister Murray told Global News “I don’t have 50 or 60 or 70 or 20 even that have come to my attention.”
AND “I have right now on my desk one active complaint from one group of citizens on one project and we are going to do a second round of tests.”

If you feel that Ontario’s Environment Minister needs to know how many people are being affected by living close to industrial wind turbines, and you want your voice heard?

Here’s what you can do, NOW.

WRITE to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and tell him how many times YOU have complained to the MOECC.

If you have Incident Report numbers, include them; if you know or can guess at how many times you’ve called or emailed, include that, too.

Then MAIL your letter via Canada Post to the new Minister of the Environment and Climate Change:

*July 31, 2017, Glen Murray Minister of Environment and Climate Change resigns his position and Chris Ballard was appointed.

The Honourable Chris Ballard

Minister, Environment and Climate Change

Ferguson Block 11th Flr, 77 Wellesley St W


If you have not recently filed a report/complaint with the Spills Action Centre about the noise, shadow flicker, or water well problems you are experiencing, start calling them again when the turbines are excessively noisy.

Here are Email Contacts

Office of the MOECC
Chris Ballard Ontario’s Environment Minister

Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario Minister of Health

Office of the Prime Minister of Canada
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Ontario

Office of the Premier Ontario
Kathleen Wynne Premier Ontario Contact Kathleen

Reach Out Through Social Media:

Chris Ballard – Ontario’s Environment Minister @ChrisBallardMPP

Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario Minister of Health @DrEricHoskins

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister Ontario @JustinTrudeau

Kathleen Wynne – Premier Ontario @Kathleen_Wynne

Global News Wind Energy Exposed

It took a four-month-long investigation and a Global News report spanning two days, based on documents obtained by Wind Concerns Ontario that took two years to be delivered…but the Wynne government seems to be aware now that there is a problem with their process for handling wind turbine noise complaints.

What happens when you complain about wind turbines in Ontario? Watch the Global News 2 Night Event

Wind Concerns Ontario Time For Truth Ontario and let them know if you send in a letter and how many complaints you are sending so they can follow up with the Minister on your behalf.

or visit their website to get breaking news @ Wind Concerns Ontario