Ontario Wind Turbine Complaints Fall On Deaf Ears

What happens when you complain about wind turbines in Ontario? Not much. Global News has learned more than half of all complaints in the province are ignored. more

Community Fed Up With Ministry’s Response
To Wind Turbine Complaints

Families across Ontario are tired of the ministry’s response to wind turbine complaints. Ontario’s Environment Minister, Glenn Murray, says he’s committed to addressing concerns….more

Wind Turbine Regulations Being Strengthened,
Says Ontario Environment Minister

Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change says changes to the province’s wind turbine regulations strengthen government’s authority…..more

Ontario Environment Minister Denies Problems
With Wind Turbine Standards

Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change says concerns about the province’s wind turbine noise monitoring standards are unfounded……more

Ontario Government Admits Wind Noise Exceeds Regulations

Scott Miller reporting for CTVNews London with the first public report of non-compliance in the K2 wind power project.

This is the first time the MOECC has acknowledged non-compliance publicly, and also admitted the possibility of “tonal” or “cyclical” noise. ~ Wind Concerns Ontario……more