People who live, work and play in the Municipality of West Grey think of it as a precious gem that deserves to be both protected and preserved. Located in south-western Ontario, south of Georgian Bay and a 45 minute drive north of Guelph, West Grey is the largest municipality in Grey County.

Over 12,000 people call it home and more than 3,000 farms are located on the rocky, rolling hills of former townships such as: Bentinck, Glenelg and Normanby, names that recall a yesteryear of old Scottish settlements.

Farming is important in West Grey and driving around, residents or tourists can spot cattle grazing, as well as sheep and goats. Many farms have a few chickens and organic eggs can be had for a terrific price on many country roads.

Gardening is also a passion for many and garden tours will demonstrate some creative horticulture, in spite of the climate that proves rather harsh in winter.

Summer comes not-soon-enough and offers folks an opportunity to grow and even sell their hay, vegetables, apples, and herbs. Maple syrup is also an important cottage industry and a delectable treat.

A few old farms have been severed in recent years and former city folk are moving in to retire on a homestead, shedding their city routine and trying their hand at raising a garden or milking a goat. We label these smaller farms “rural residential.” When not at work, outdoor leisure activities are readily available such as: hiking, biking, paddling, fishing, swimming, hunting and in winter, snowmobiling or skiing.

West Grey is a stunning place to visit or linger for a while. The Saugeen River fills the area with fresh, clean water and these waters abound with fish. Saugeen Country, as it is known, is also teaming with all sorts of wildlife, including the magnificent Great Heron. Forested areas are prolific as are the meadows filled with wild flowers. Many of these species are vulgaris, common enough, but some are not. West Grey has precious wetlands that are home to endangered species such as the Redside Dace Minnow. Bobolinks nest nearby and the rare Pink Ladies Slipper is there to see for those who care to forage.

Sounds idyllic and certainly it is. That is why we, the people of West Grey, support Green Energy in its proper place; however, Industrial Wind Turbines do not belong in residential neighborhoods or on valuable agricultural land. For these reasons, we hold it as essential to nurture our farms and to continue being stewards and stewardesses for the natural environment. Our goal is to preserve West Grey’s natural environment and pastoral lifestyle. Count on it: West Grey is committed.

East Durham Wind Map Project

Are You Next?

Wind energy project will cause tons of toxic concrete, along with heavy metals and toxic chemicals to leach into your community’s drinking water.
Photographs taken by local resident Doug Rickie.