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The East Durham Wind Project was approved by the Ministry of the Environment.

A foreign based wind company plans to build 14 Industrial Wind Turbines in the rural neighbourhoods of West Grey, east of Durham.

East Durham Wind Project will industrialize and destroy the natural landscape and displace the valuable wetlands to install wind turbines that have proven to be an unreliable source of renewable energy.

The construction will completely destroy the endangered species Redside Dace habitat that runs through the Saugeen River which was approved by the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority.

East Durham Wind Project is one of many Industrial Wind Turbine corporations that are been subsidized by the government.

Wind Turbines photo owensoundsuntimes.com

The Ontario Provincial Ministry of Environment (MOE)
approves wind development in West Grey

NextEra, a U.S. energy giant and the largest generator of wind and solar power in United States, combined with Etobicoke based Borea Construction expect construction to begin March 2014.
(source: MOE approves wind development in West Grey )