Shawn and Trish Drennan, a local Ontario family fought on the behalf of all Ontario people who will or do live with industrial wind turbines.

Shawn Drennan says

he’s worried about the health of his family, as well as the effect turbine noise and vibrations could have on his livestock and soil, fearing it will kill off moles and earth worms that he says are vital to his “no-till” soil and acreage.

“Until they have the final results, they should have a moratorium,” he said.

The Ontario courts came back with this:

Conclusion [93] I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the sincerity and passion with which the plaintiffs have pursued their claim to date. They wholeheartedly believe that they and others similarly situated have been harmed by a government policy and legislation that has been foisted upon them with little regard for their interests and their health. One cannot help but admire their tenacity even if the relief they seek is not available through this action.” The Courts.

Read the whole document:Drennan v K2 Wind Ontario Inc., 2017 ONSC 2295 (CanLII)

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Another setback for a Huron County couple in their bid to pursue legal action against K2 Wind Energy.

In Superior Court in Goderich back in January,

Shawn and Trish Drennan argued their Charter rights had been violated by the operation of the K2 Wind Energy project north of Goderich.

An earlier claim had been rejected because the project was not up and running, but Drennan argued that now that it is, he had a legitimate claim.

In a ruling released late Thursday, the judge acknowledged the sincerity and passion with which the Drennans pursued their claim, but concluded the relief they were seeking is not available through this action.

In reacting to the decision Friday, Shawn Drennan says K2 had fought to have the entire Statement of Claim thrown out, but the judge ruled that while the Constitutional Claim be stopped, the Drennans still had a valid Negligence Nuisance Claim.

The judge suggested if they wanted to amend their original claim, they could at some point proceed with the amended claim.

Drennan says he and his wife will sit down soon and decide what their next step will be.

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Shaun Trish Drennan

Read the story about Shawn and Trisha Drennan and their journey in their fight for the right to live in a safe neighborhoods without industrial wind turbines that are proven to make humans sick…..more