Repeal The Ontario Green Energy Act

Dear Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

The Liberal Party in 2009 repealed our Energy Conservation Leadership Act and our Energy Efficiency Act. They replaced it with The Green Energy Act.

They did this because the old Acts granted Municipalities and People the ability to have a say in what happened in their communities.

This new Green Energy Act removes all barriers, over-rides all local laws and grants Corporations the un-restricted power to do whatever they want, wherever they want.

We have lost our democracy and our voice.

Repeal The Ontario Green Energy Act

Dear Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne


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Think you know about Green Energy in Ontario?

The Ontario Government has sold us on wind energy as a “green” alternative, but the facts show it is ANYTHING but green.

In 2009, the Ontario Government enacted the Green Energy Act (GEA), which governs renewable energy in the province. This GEA removes all barriers, overrides local laws and grants Energy Companies the unrestricted power to do whatever they want, wherever they want.

Like other countries, we now know through experience that the appealing idea of “green” wind energy is, in fact, expensive, environmentally disastrous, economically irresponsible and completely contradictory to its “green” intent.

We need your voice to tell the Ontario Government to


and stop industrial wind turbine installations in Ontario!

Reasons to repeal the green energy act:

• To produce and install an industrial wind turbine, more CO2 than will ever be saved by that turbine in its entire lifetime.

• Wind energy costs up to 4 times more to generate than we are able to sell it for.

• The cost to install the +6000 wind turbines planned for rural Ontario is in the billions of dollars – to be paid for by you in the form of higher electricity bills.

• Property values decrease an estimated 40% to 70% as a result of the installation of wind turbines.

• Health studies are proving that industrial wind turbines situated in close proximity to residential areas are making people and animals sick.

• Each turbine base contains about 800 tons of concrete. The concrete industry is one of the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases. An approved project in a municipality in Ontario for 14 turbines would require 11,200 tons of toxic concrete, the weight of 5600 cars.

• Health Canada under the Hazardous Products Act considers concrete to be a hazardous material. Concrete is classified as very toxic; a cancer hazard; carcinogenic; known to cause lung cancer; corrosive; an immediate acute health hazard; known to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm; poisonous and infectious material; mutagenic; and not to be discharged into the environment.

• Turbines are constructed primarily on farmland. Farmers use fertilizers which can increase the sulfate content of soils. This is proven to make the concrete turbine bases vulnerable to deterioration, threatening the safety and purity of our drinking water.

What was meant to be a simple, appealing solution to climate change has proven to be a delusion.

Repeal The Ontario Green Energy Act

Dear Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne


288 signatures

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Comments from people with concerns:

* This is a democracy…not a dictatorship.

* No to Un Agenda 21

* This has been a fraud on the Ontario people with vast amounts of capital leaving the province.

* Take back our choice!

* Undemocratic

* $37 billion + over charged for hydro, I expect Wynne and Chiarelli to be in jail by now.

* Green energy must go, and rights be restored to municipalities and farm communities.

* green energy is driving Ontario’s hydro prices up. just stop it.

* Please stop the madness. I cannot afford this any more and I freeze every winter.

* As someone who has visited Ontario as a tourist I would love to come back. However, I live in an area of England blighted by industrial wind turbines and would certainly NOT choose to spend my holiday surrounded by them. Excessive turbine development is not only bad for the populations who have to live near them, but also damages the tourist economy.

* no more wind generators

* Research around the world shows that local control does more to protect the environment that corporate control. Please return local controls in Ontario.

* Please give us back our freedom and rural tranquility

* Stop it NOW

* This will be the biggest of all the liberal debacles Follow the money and find the mess

* Rural Ontario has done nothing to deserve the harsh punishment of having unwanted wind turbines installed as alleged green energy by our government.

* Wind turbines constructed near family homes are wrong.

* No wind turbines.

* Stop this Green Energy Act NOW!

* NO Wind Turbines Here NO NO NO

* NO

* I SAY NO TO Wind Turbines! This will cause great destruction of the environment and will also cause many problems for humans.

* How can our elected government officials expect us to swallow this so called Green Energy Act” pill. it is foul and leaves a very bad taste in our mouths, we expect our government and elected officials to do what is right and what is best for the citizens who live in this great country of Canada. We do not like to be fooled, tricked and bullied into something we do not want. Stop! the (IWT’s)”

* Ontario has done far better with nuclear

* Let’s support tax breaks or grants for homeowners who want to install green energy and stop forcing whole communities to take on the burden.

* no turbines

* The Ontario Liberals are lying to Ontario taxpayers in the form of the Green Energy Act. We know that the former President of the Liberal party was awarded a contract worth millions to supply wind turbines when in fact, he had no experience in the electrical field, we also know that Wynne’s brother in law was put in charge of e-health, knowing that he owns companies that construct wind turbines.


* Our rural communities are under siege by our government who removed our rights and gagged our voices. Stop destroying our communities, property values, health and environment with your ignorance and greed.

* they will go down as the worst government ever

* Repeal green energy act, let market forces decide


* I whole heartedly support this petition.

* stop the waste

* Shobhna Kapoor

* Go Back to nuclear. It is cheaper and you can harness it to use later if you produce too much. No more wind turbines and certainly not in my neighbourhood !!!!

* I’ve been saying this for years but no one will listen!!! Hope you have better luck.

* If you like them so much put them in Toronto, they are all for your ideas and they think green energy is great as long as it is in rural Ontario and not next to them. Be appreciative that Hudak gave you Ontario, now you can cut 100,000 plus jobs and then still not reduce the debt or the deficit. You guys” are a disgrace.”

* Dear Premier Wynne: Please do the taxpayers of Ontario a favour and step down.

* energy bills are too high , paying too much this type of energy

* stop this non-sense!

* time to end this farce

* Green energy act is a disgrace!

* cut the greed energy

* Doubtful advantages and out weighed by disadvantages

* WYNN Turbines are a Liberal eyesore


* Repeal the green energy act. You would not need it if the energy production and plan for it was a good one for all concerned. Put money into more research in the energy field.

*Return municipal planning power. Industrial Wind Turbines are not green, are old technology without safeguards, are too expensive and are putting us at risk.

* Either fix the problems with in the turbines or stop the outragesness of telling people that you are going to put turbines on there properties. Ever better put this project on hold till you fix the issues.

* Stop Industrial Wind Turbine Installations in Ontario, NOW!!!!

* Stop turning our beautiful lands into IWT ghettos, Please.

* repeal the green energy act


* Wind turbines are a gigantic waste of our money. They are not generating the power that they are meant to be generating. They are having a huge impact on the environment with all of the construction, transportation and worst of all taking away precious farm land. There is not enough information about health or environmental impacts. To top it all off they are ugly. Get rid of the wind turbines!

* To costly and is not green still need current gen plants


* Wind energy was a romantic supposedly green” idea when it was first conceived. But the way that it has been rolled out in our province is a travesty. There are perhaps some places for wind energy; remote northern communities could perhaps benefit from a smaller IWT a distance from the community to replace current gas generators. Or smaller windmills in barnyards. But1000s of IWTs on rural land-“

* Wynne, listen to the facts. Show you are the Premier of all Ontario not just the GTA

* I can’t believe ppl think that this was every about saving the environment… It’s about money and votes.. All at the taxpayers expense.


* Give us back our democratic rights

* I have been against them all along. They have been shoved down our throats

* most damaging legislation ever.

* stop this corruption

* I am totally against the wind turbines and have little faith in our government that they have our best interest and our future at heart! It’s very sickening

* I don’t give the Liberal party my permission to spend my money on a Green Energy Act that isn’t Green.

* Stop the craziness!!!

* Ban the wind turbines!!

* Stop the green energy act!!

* Stop the wind turbines! NOW!

* you have abandoned rural on for an economic scam, soon everyone will feel the effects of increased energy costs and discover the truth, stop All unapproved projects now, there is nothing green about them and people are awakening to the truth, stop now!

* We don’t want this in our area. Would any of the people working for NexEra put one on their property??

* We are against this, it’s a travesty for all of Ontario! Repeal this now, for our future and the future of Ontario!

* Repeal The Ontario Green Energy Act

* It is mind-boggling to see how blind people can be for the sake of the almighty buck!

* All categories


* Do NOT support wind turbines

* STOP!!!! Just once listen to the people consider their voice.

* stop wind turbines

* this spiral of madness has to stop, the turbines and solar projects are taking precious farmland and killing birds, plant life, amphibians, fish etc. our rates will keep going ever higher with no ceiling

* the greed energy act is nothing more than a cash grab by off shore conglomerates and it is killing the good people of this province both literally & economically. There is nothing green” about it”

* I thought you could not take away freedom. The Liberals have done that. Removed our rights as landowners to keep our own families safe. Shame on you.


* Repeal the GEA now!


* turbines require expansive deforestation

* Stop the Wind turbines they are destroying our environment and our ability to enjoy our communities!

* The GEA is anti-democratic and must be repealed before our entire Province is ruined by American owned industrial wind turbines!

* Please think about the rights of the citizens and municipalities of the province that have undemocratically overridden. Please think of the environment because protection laws can be set aside for these bearers of greed. Southern Ontario’s landscape will be transformed into a gigantic worker less factory.

* Government Greed and Corruption at the Highest Level – everyone loses!

* Please don’t industrialize our rural community

* Stop The Insanity!

* protect our environment, our health, our future, our democratic rights and demand a repeal!

* it’s time to use common sense

* Join forces now to stop this madness.

* Stop the Wind Scam!

* Say No To Wind Turbines!!

* I wonder when the government is going to truly start caring about the residents in rural ontario, and help us instead of telling us what to do. What happened to our democracy?!

* Sign the petition to Repeal The Ontario Green Energy Act. The gov’t has way too much power. Wind turbines hurt our animals & people. Stand up and be counted! We can make a difference!!!.

* Wind energy does nothing to address our energy problems. Stop it, and lies both.

* No to wind turbines that hurt our environment and waste money for energy not needed

* The province of Ontario is no longer a democracy thanks to the Liberal Government. The Green Energy Act is forcing wind factories on defenseless rural people. We have no say whatsoever as to if or where these factories are placed. There is soooooo much wrong with wind energy, yet the government keeps forcing them on us. They must be stopped.

* Please watch shows “Planet Earth : Our Loving Home” on

* the amount of bird deaths, bat deaths and the small comparative amount of CO2 actually offset by the use of wind turbines does not make sense. We are pandering worldwide to climate change alarmists. We do need to tackle our carbon emissions but simple ways of decreasing our journeys, car sharing, insulating our home and the development of safe nuclear plants (which are much lower in carbon emissions than wind and require very much less land area and have a lower death toll than the wind industry too!) should be built.

* End the wind turbines/solar/climate scam!

* The Green Energy Act is the most fascist piece of legislation the province of Ontario has ever seen. It needs to be abolished immediately and rural residents’ basic human rights restored.