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Impact of Wind Turbines in Neighbourhoods

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Who Are We?
“How Green Is This” is an organization of concerned citizens from rural Ontario, Canada discovering how NOT GREEN Industrial Wind Turbines are!
The How Green Philosophy
Industrial Wind Turbines Are Not Green
Some Real Facts
In 2009, the Ontario Liberal Government repealed the Energy Conservation Leadership Act & the Energy Efficiency Act. They replaced it with the Green Energy Act (GEA).

• The GEA’s mandate to expand renewable energy has been called a “sham”, an “economic debacle” and a “staggering explosion of misguided investment”.
• The GEA stripped all decision-making powers from municipal governments with respect to wind energy.
• The GEA forced rural municipalities to install IWTs despite the government’s promise that “non-willing host” communities would be exempt. Find out more


Down Wind is a documentary film exposing industrial wind turbine disaster for what it really is. It is produced by Sun News Network with Rebecca Thompson as host. Plans are to show the film across Canada and blow this topic out of the water. DownWind DVD Buy and read more
The Liberal Party, in 2009 repealed our Energy Conservation Leadership Act and our Energy Efficiency Act. They replaced it with The Green Energy Act. They did this because the old Acts granted Municipalities and People the ability to have a say in what happened in their communities.

We need to REPEAL THE ONTARIO GREEN ENERGY ACT before it is too late. ontario canada

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Repeal The Ontario Green Energy Act

This new Green Energy Act removes all barriers, over-rides all local laws and grants Corporations the un-restricted power to do whatever they want, wherever they want.

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